Welcome to Draconic Decorum. We are primarily a 3D printing company with ample experience in creating a variety of unique products. We strongly believe that the world can be made a better place through creative passion.Above you will find links to purchase premade items from our etsy store, commission custom products from us, or see what events we are vending at in the future. Thank you for stopping by!

Contact by Email

Saphira Sataria
You can send an email regarding any inquiry to:
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We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Commission Requests

Hello and thank you for checking out our products. We do custom work on request but pricing varies on what is asked for and if we can do it. We have plenty of experience 3D printing but not as much experience modeling. However if you have a model to provide that would make the process much faster.Please send us an email at
with the details of the piece you'd like and we can see if we are able to do it / quote you a price as well. Above are some examples of previous work. Thank you!

We sell at furry conventions throughout the year. Below is a list of upcoming and past events. You can always get a discount at our table by letting us know you are a friend to kobolds!

Past ConventionsYear(s)
Midwest Furfest2022, 2023
Anthrocon2022, 2023
Furry Weekend Atlanta2022, 2023
Furrydelphia2022, 2023